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AdventureCzech Games Edition EUCzech Games Edition News EUDie verlorenen Ruinen von Arnak

Designer Diary: The Road to Arnak

Developing and publishing Lost Ruins of Arnak amidst a global...

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Czech Games Edition was founded by a group of people who wanted to create board games as entertainment for gamers like themselves. Their story begins with Through the Ages, which led to the founding of the publishing house in 2007. Since then, CGE has published more than half a hundred games, now also digitally, and won GAME OF THE YEAR 2016 with CODENAMES.

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AlchemyCzech Games Edition EUDie AlchemistenStrategy Game
Die Alchemisten
A pinch of mandrake root, a raven’s feather … stir well three times and the potion is ready. Should I try it myself? I’d rather not. What are...
Czech Games Edition EUFast 'n' FunParty
Viking or ninja? Or rather a … um, a cowboy? Pictomania is the drawing game without teams and waiting time. Each player draws and guesses, and all at...
Czech Games Edition EUMyths & FairytalesStrategy GameTzolk'in
Tzolk’in – Der Maya-Kalender
The Tzolkin calendar is a part of the Mayan calendar in which each day is designated by the combination of a number with a patron deity....
Czech Games Edition EUParty
Was ‘ne Frage!
Would you rather A) be able to fly or B) find a cure for the common cold? What a question! And exactly the kind of question you need...