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Czech Games Edition was founded by a group of people who wanted to create board games as entertainment for gamers like themselves. Their story begins with Through the Ages, which led to the founding of the publishing house in 2007. Since then, CGE has published more than half a hundred games, now also digitally, and won GAME OF THE YEAR 2016 with CODENAMES.

Die verlorenen Ruinen von


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AnimalsCzech Games EditionDungeon LordsInto the dungeonStrategy GameVampire & Monster

Dungeon Lords

Are you ready for heroic deeds that will bring them fame, fortune and admiration of beautiful virgins? Then please play any other game!...
AdrenalinCzech Games Edition


Grab the ammo, grab a gun and shoot for all you’re worth. A cleverly chosen arsenal allows for murderously ingenious moves. Battles are fought...
AdrenalinCzech Games Edition

Adrenalin: Teamplay DLC

Take full advantage of your actions with the unique adrenaline boost system and increase your combat abilities. The elegant gameplay system allows you to...

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Czech Games EditionStrategy GameWide universe
Pulsar 2849
The year is 2849, and humanity has reached the depths of space, using the power of a pulsar to open the first space portal. In this new era,...
AnimalsCzech Games EditionDungeon LordsInto the dungeonStrategy GameVampire & Monster
Dungon Lords: Die fünfte Jahreszeit
The heroes are about to storm the dungeon when the door opens. “Can I be of service?” comes the voice of a sleepy servant. The paladin raises his...
Czech Games EditionFast 'n' FunParty
Viking or ninja? Or rather a … um, a cowboy? Pictomania is the drawing game without teams and waiting time. Each player draws and guesses, and all at...
AdventureCzech Games EditionDie verlorenen Ruinen von ArnakHighlightNewStrategy Game
Die verlorenen Ruinen von Arnak
On a distant island in the unknown expanses of the ocean, explorers have found traces of a long-gone civilization. Competing explorers have now been tasked with exploring the...