Check out the new Kutná Hora Companion App!

Kutná Hora – the City of Silver is the latest stroke of genius from our partners at CGE. As you probably already know, the German version has been published by us HeidelBÄRen. Today we would like to introduce all Kutná Hora (linked is the German version) fans to the free web-based companion app, which works on both mobile and browser. This optional app offers an alternative digital way of tracking resources, as well as other interesting features.

The main function of the app is to simulate the game’s “cardboard computer” resource tracker in a quick and easy-to-use digital format. It shows the amount of ore and population, as well as all the current resource prices of the two cardboard computers in one place. It also shows the current resource production and income of all players.

That’s how it works

To use the companion app for your game, simply download it to a device and place it nearby where all players can see it. At the start of the game, you select your guild setup card and your combination. Over the course of the game, the app learns which players are connected to which guild.

Whenever a player increases their income (by constructing a building, a mine or through another effect), simply click on the name in the app and select the corresponding action in the menu that opens. The app will take care of the rest and update all resource and economic adjustments. If you use the app, you don’t need the cardboard computers or the production bars on your player boards.

Note: There are some elements that still need to be updated manually in the game (such as raising taxes, gaining points and reputation, etc.), but the app is designed to do much of the analog work without interfering with the gaming experience at the table.

One of the biggest advantages of the Kutná Hora companion app is that it calculates the income automatically, which means you don’t have to add it all up manually as soon as a player wants to trigger the income action. It is always available and gives you at-a-glance information to help you determine what income who could earn at any given time. This is also very helpful to see the immediate effects of other players’ actions on your own income opportunities from round to round.

Pretty simple, right? But what else can you do with the app?

Choose between two economic modes

The app will initially start with two economic modes. For players who want to experience the basic Kutná Hora game, the basic economy mode plays exactly as it does in the box. Quite simply… it’s the main game without all the math and fiddling with the cardboard computers, if that’s not your thing. Tastes are different!

However, if you’re an obsessive planner like some of us, the new advanced prediction mode might be just what you’ve been looking for. In this mode, you can see when and how commodity prices will change when a building is constructed. Instead of bombarding you with tons of information, it shows you if the price of a resource will increase in the next 1, 2, 3 or 3+ cards and how much the price would decrease when a certain guild building is built.

As you can see, the app does not necessarily improve your Kutná Hora gaming experience. It offers you a useful alternative for anyone who doesn’t have much fun with analog boards, the cardboard computers and calculations. Are you one of them? Then this app is made just for you. Anyone who doesn’t want to use displays and smartphones when playing analog games can play Kutná Hora as usual and won’t miss a thing. Because one thing is clear: Kuntá Hora is fun to play – no matter how you end up playing it!

You can try out the companion app right now at!


P.S.: Many thanks to Nathan Meunier, whose article on the CGE Blog provided the basis for the explanation of the app!


Kutná Hora – the City of Silver is for 2-4 players, ages 13+ and takes about 30 minutes per player. The game includes 1 game board, 1 expansion board for the building supply, 4 double-sided player boards, 2 stands for the market tiles, St. Barbara tiles, guild tiles, building tiles, mine tiles, alderman tiles, cardboard coins, action cards, market cards, setup cards, set of game pieces for each player (buildings, mines, land, score, reputation and production trackers), 1 game manual, reference sheets for each game piece. You can buy the german version of Kutná Hora – the City of Silver by Ondřej Bystroň, Petr Čáslava & Pavel Jarosch from us in the online store or in specialist shops for RRP 59.95 €.