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Advent calendars main prize announced

21.12.21 – Is there a more memorable date to announce...
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Horrible Guild is an Italian board game publisher known as Horrible Games until the end of 2019, founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Silva. Horrible Guild’s goal is to design and produce cool and innovative games that stand out from the crowd! In 2020, THE KINGS DILEMMA was nominated by the GAME OF THE YEAR jury.

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Announced gamesHorrible GuildStrategy Game


Evergreen is a strategy game for 1-4 players in which you want to create the greenest planet. Plant shoots, grow trees and gradually forest your...
Horrible GuildSimilo

Harry Potter Similo

Harry Potter Similo is a cooperative deduction game where all players work together to identify the secret character using a series of Clues! This new...

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AlchemyHorrible GuildPotion Explosion
Potion Explosion
Dear students, your last year at the Horrible College of Solid Witchcraft is almost over and so it’s time for the final exam! So grab the ingredients from...
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Dungeon Fighter – Zweite Edition
Lately, more and more chambers of doom have been appearing, bringing forth more and more evil creatures. They are ravaging the kingdom and threatening our villages. For all...
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