We are Eco-Publisher 2023

Sustainability is very important to us HeidelBÄRen when it comes to our games! We are therefore delighted that our commitment has been rewarded, and we have been named Eco-Publisher of the Year 2023! When producing our games, we pay close attention to our ecological footprint and keep it as small as possible. This enables us to produce great and exciting games and at the same time fulfill our responsibility towards future generations.


Our popular card games Hungry Monkey and Sweet & Spicy carry the Ecofriendly label. This means that the games come from a factory that works exclusively with renewable energy and uses biodegradable or recyclable materials in production. This idea was practiced in the factory from the very beginning and the factory was built as a “green factory”. Among other things, local suppliers and subcontractors were used, which greatly reduced emissions during construction.

Trees for the Future

But we are also very committed to sustainability in our other games. Our games, Tails on Fire, Fish & Katz and Time Division support the organization Trees for the future. We have thus found a competent partner in terms of sustainable commitment, which we fully support with the sale of the games: For every game sold, the organization plants a new tree. This year, over 32,500 trees were planted! The organization also supports local families in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa who live from agriculture with knowledge and tools. You can find detailed information at: https://trees.org


RE-Plastic® and RE-Wood®

Our Fish & Katz game also uses sustainable game materials from Wissner. All plastic markers are made from the sustainably recycled plastic RE-Plastic®. Our supplier Wissner relies on 100% recyclable polystyrene. As RE-Plastic® can be recycled again and again, this recycling cycle is maintained continuously, effectively and responsibly. RE-Plastic® is absolutely equivalent to new plastic granulate in terms of quality, appearance and feel. The use of RE-Plastic® is a sensible use of resources, ecological and CO₂-neutral.

We also came into contact with Wissner during the development of the new Eurogame Kutná Hora by our close partner Czech Games Edition. The game already caused a stir at Gen Con when it won the Best of Gen Con Award for the RE-Wood® game components used. This makes Kutná Hora the first modern board game to use this environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. RE-Wood is made from shredded wood residues from wood processing in German production facilities and is produced with recycled binders to conserve resources. This means that it consists of 100% recycled materials and is nevertheless stable, light and very safe to use.