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Adventskalender 2021 Tür 1
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HeidelBÄR Games Advent Calender!

Ho Ho Ho and welcome to this year’s HeidelBÄRen advent calendar!...
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Horrible Guild is an Italian board game publisher known as Horrible Games until the end of 2019, founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Silva. Horrible Guild’s goal is to design and produce cool and innovative games that stand out from the crowd! In 2020, THE KINGS DILEMMA was nominated by the GAME OF THE YEAR jury.

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Horrible GuildSimilo

Harry Potter Similo

Harry Potter Similo is a cooperative deduction game where all players work together to identify the secret character using a series of Clues! This new...
HistoryHorrible Guild

The King’s Dilemma

You are the representatives of the noble houses in the Council of the Kingdom of Ankist. Together you ensure prosperity and security in your...

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Potion Explosion: Der 6. Student
The Horrible College for Handsome Sorcerers has been thoroughly renovated, expanded and modernized. Now the faculty, esteemed by potion connoisseurs, shines in new splendor. It can now accommodate...
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Dungeon Fighter: Der Vulkan der vielfältigen Verbrennungen
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Similo: Mythen
What does Heracles have to do with Jason or Achilles? Are they all boys, or are there other similarities? And why does he have nothing in common with...