The Great Split announced for third quarter.

News from Horrible Guild! In the third quarter, Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silvo will take you into the world of art collections with The Great Split (german version). Both authors have already proven their flair for exciting games several times, and now it’s up to you to develop the flair for good deals. The drafting game is for 2–7 persons and will be published by us HeidelBÄRen in German and will be available online as well as in well-stocked specialty stores.

Welcome to the most exclusive gala of the year! The most prestigious art collectors are eagerly awaiting tempting offers … … and to outbid the others. Who will assemble the most prestigious collection of the century? The Great Split will decide. We’ve just been waiting for you to finally get started! In The Great Split, your goal is to build the most magnificent collection of riches.

In each round, you divide your hand cards into two parts by a separation card, put everything into an envelope and pass it to the left. At the same time, you will receive the envelope of the person sitting next to you from the right. As soon as you receive an envelope, you must decide which part of the card to keep and which to return. This is also how you get your envelopes back.

The cards you keep from the right and the ones you get back from the left build your hand for the round. Apply the effects of your cards to add jewels, gold, artwork, and books to your collection. Each type of wealth earns you prestige points in its own special way, which is something to keep in mind as you build your collection. But that’s not all! The more riches of one kind you have, the more orders you will receive. But without seals they are worth nothing, so don’t forget to collect enough during the game! Whoever has the most prestige points after the final scoring wins the game.

The Great Split is for 2–7 people and has a game duration of 45 minutes. The game by Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva will be published in German by HeidelBÄR Games in the third quarter of 2023.
The Great Split includes 7 personal tableaux, 1 game board, 7 envelopes, 14 tokens, 78 cards, 7 characters, 84 wooden dice, 1 turn counter and 1 game rules (in English, German, Italian).