Our castle-event 2023: new games and more

What a great fun we had and unfortunately it is already over again. This year from 09.06 – 11.06 our legendary castle-event took place. Together with our partners and numerous content creators from all over Europe we met once again. Over the course of four days, numerous people networked, met old acquaintances and exchanged ideas about their favorite passion: board games. Besides campfires, barbecues and cool drinks, you had the opportunity to take a look at our new games, such as Super Kawaii Pets, Kutná Hora, The Missing Expedition, The Great Split or Pyramido. In this article we would like to give you an overview of our exciting new games.

Time Division is the new board game from us HeidelBÄRen and is designed by Alexander Schreiber. In this two player deck builder, two time organizations face off for control of the merged two timelines. The time researchers have identified three critical moments in the now shared history that could decide the flow of time. Now they must influence key figures of these ages, because in the end only one time organization can remain. The other will perish in the flow of time.

This two player game plays out over three different ages in the campaign, which bring different effects, tactics and difficulties. It begins in ancient Egypt, moves through the dark Middle Ages, and ends in the 1980s. However, each age can also be played on its own. A special drafting phase divides the cards among both players.

Time Division is scheduled for release on September 30, 2023 and will be available at SPIEL 23. The MSRP is expected to be 29,95€.


Super Kawaii Pets is the new card game from Studio Supernova, in which you’ll have to make sad animals happy. On the front of the cards you’ll see sad little animals, their needs, the special actions and the number of Glückspunkte for the final score. By adding the joker and help cards you try to fulfill the needs of the animals. These can go from food, to medicine, to love. If your animal is happy you turn it over to the back where you see the happy animal and place it in front of you. By collecting certain animal combinations, you are allowed to take location cards that give you extra points. Once a player has collected 10 cards, the game is over and the points must be scored. Additionally, Super Kawaii Pets has a solo mode where you play against time and try to improve your relationship with your pets.

The german version of Super Kawaii Pets is scheduled for release on July 01, 2023, with an MSRP of €17.95.

Kutná Hora – the City of Silver is the new worker placement and city building game from our friends at CGE. The special feature is not only the fresh setting of the medieval economic metropolis Kutná Hora from today’s Czech Republic, but additionally the dynamic economic system, which reacts to every action of the players. Supply and demand immediately change the prices of raw materials and buildings. Only those who use their affiliation with the city’s major guilds to diversify their income will be able to make the city flourish and capture the most victory points for themselves. In addition, the most influential entrepreneurs can participate in the construction of the Cathedral of St. Barbara for special advantages over their competitors.

Kutná Hora – the City of Silver is scheduled for release in October 2023 and will be available at SPIEL 23. The MSRP is expected to be 59,95€.


The Missing Expedition is the second expansion to CGE‘s The Lost Ruins of Arnak and, in addition to the obligatory new items, artifacts and guards, brings two new expedition leaders that, unlike the previous expansion, fundamentally expand the gameplay. You’ll search for a missing expedition on the island as a mechanic or a journalist. With new research paths and a campaign that you can play in pairs or alone, this expansion brings many new elements that will delight both experienced and newer Arnak-players.

The mechanic gets to turn a gear through card effects, which can trigger many good resources and effects. In addition, she gets the help of a small monkey that she can use. The journalist on the other hand can choose newspaper articles before the game, which have powerful effects that can be used once he documents an observation of his journey there. The expedition leaders are compatible with the base game and the 1st expansion and can be used without the campaign.

The Missing Expedition is scheduled for release in September 2023 and will be available at SPIEL 23. The MSRP is expected to be 59,95€.


The Great Split is a draft game from Horrible Guild that will let you step into the shoes of renowned art collectors at the most magnificent gala of the year. You must simultaneously pass cards in an envelope. Your teammates look at the envelopes, take out cards, put new in and pass it back. In the end, you get your envelopes back from both directions and reveal the cards to play out the effects and points. The attentive collector is able to manipulate the others so that the most valuable artifacts remain in his own hands.

The german version of The Great Split is scheduled for release in Q3 2023 and will be available at SPIEL 23. The MSRP is expected to be €44.95.

Pyramido is a little oriental gem from Synapses Games. Each player puts together a pyramid for the new pharaoh. You should make sure that you line up as many jewels of the same color as possible. You build your pyramid in height, of course, so you also have to make sure that the outer tiles were not in vain, but count with each completed level. You’ll build four levels up, which will require fewer and fewer pieces and reveal to your teammates what options you have, so be on the lookout and use this to your advantage. After each completed level, the points are scored but always watch out for multipliers to have a chance at winning.

The german version of Pyramido is scheduled for release in October 2023. The MSRP is expected to be 29,95€.

Kakerla-Klatsch is a fun skill game from Synapses Games and requires quick reaction and decision-making skills. You are given a slipper and together you are faced with one of four challenge types. These are simple yes-no questions, which are located on the challenge cards. If the answer is no, you slap the cockroach lying in the middle of the table. If the answer is yes, you clap the card. The fastest person to clap correctly gets the card and thus the point. Because of the simple symbols and easy to understand rules, this game is also suitable for younger players. And honestly, clapping with your slippers is just a lot of fun. No matter the age!

The german version of Kakerla-Klatsch is scheduled for release in Q3 2023 with an expected MSRP of 19,95€.



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