Super green summer giveaway with Evergreen and Pines & Cacti

Everything is green outside, the flowers are blooming, the trees and bushes are growing, in short, summer is here and with it our super green summer competition, all in the spirit of Evergreen!

And what fits better with a green summer than our Evergreen board game and Pines & Cacti expansion? Right, a matching giveaway! That’s why, in cooperation with our partner Horrible Guild, we’re giving away 3x complete digital Evergreen bundles, each consisting of an Evergreen for Android, an Evergreen: Pines Expansion (Android), an Evergreen: Cacti Expansion (Android), one Evergreen for Steam, one Evergreen: Pines Expansion (Steam) and an Evergreen: Cacti Expansion (Steam).

You can participate from now until 21.07.2024 23:59 on our competition platform!

If you don’t have Evergreen yet, you can get the board game, which has won awards for its artwork, in our online store and from specialist retailers. The Pines & Cacti expansion is also available in our online-shop.

Evergreen is also all about creating as green a planet as possible with trees, forests and shrubs. The Pines & Cacti expansion adds new plants, pines and cacti, which interact with light and shade in interesting ways: Discover new strategies to score the most points!


Each modular expansion introduces a new power. There must always be 6 powers in the game, so if you want to play with a new power, another one must be removed. But you can play with more than one expansion module at the same time if you wish.

Bring the fun of the green game home to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

All information without guarantee. Winners will be notified at the end of the competition. No cash payout of prizes. Legal recourse is excluded. The conditions of participation apply.