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Adventskalender 2021 Tür 1

HeidelBÄR Games Advent Calender!

Ho Ho Ho and welcome to this year’s HeidelBÄRen advent calendar! Every day from Wednesday, 1 December until Friday, 24 December,...
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Winners at HeidelBÄR Games!

November is practically over, but we still have something to deliver to you: thank you very much for your active...
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Bake and win!

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The aroma of roasting rises, peppers and fresh herbs make your mouth water … now a little salt … no,...
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Card Game Blaze released!

There is great news! The card game Blaze is now available in our online store and in retail stores. Just...
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Clarification BLAZE inlay

In the turmoil of Covid19 production tasks, unfortunately our printshop was not able to provide an inlay for our card...

Raffle: Road to Spiel´21

In a few days the final sprint for SPIEL’21 and begins....