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Hungry monkey – How to play it

Hungry Monkey was the bestseller at Spiel22 and is becoming increasingly popular. The card game is by Erik A. Sundén...

Fish & Katz will be released in 2023

Fish & Katz is the new paw-tastic family game from HeidelBÄR Games. The fast reaction game by Benjamin Leung could...

Tails on Fire will be released in 2023

Tails on Fire is the new exciting card game from HeidelBÄR Games at Spiel22 in Essen. At the international game...
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Spiel 22 Recap

From Oct. 5th to Oct. 9th. the exhibition halls in Essen opened their doors to game enthusiasts from all over...

Tails on Fire Story

The Huicholes are indigenous people who have lived in Mexico’s largest mountain complex, the Sierra Madre Occidental, for more than...

Animal Inc. Character Quiz

Do you already know the Animal Inc. employees from our game Animal Poker? No? Then it’s about time! We have...