Railroad Ink: Würfelerweiterungen


• Expansion for: Railroad Ink + Railroad Ink Challenge


7 different dice sets for your Railroad Ink!

Conquer the airspace or the underground, electrify your city, or mess with nasty monsters!

What is Railroad Ink?

Railroad Ink is a “roll & write” game that combines theme and fun. Players must draw roads and rails on their game board by cleverly choosing dice to build the most extensive transportation network possible.

How to play Railroad Ink: Würfelerweiterungen?

The new Würfelerweiterungen can be used for any Railroad Ink– or Railroad Ink Challenge-game (instead of the included expansion dice). Each expansion is a separate item that affects the game in a special way, enabling previously unimagined strategies!

The expansion in detail:

railroad ink würfelerweiterung zukunftWürfelerweiterung „Zukunft“:
Build futuristic structures and monorails or try your hand as an alien farmer!
In the Stadtplaner-Erweiterung, collect money for the arrangement of your transport network and spend it specifically to build futuristic buildings.
With the Superanschluss-Erweiterung , you can connect rails with roads for the first time. The resulting network even counts for the longest route!
railroad ink würfelerweiterung zukunftThe Alienfarmer-Erweiterung lets you place sheep along your transportation network and use UFOs to beam them up and earn bonus points!
Content of Würfelerweiterung „Zukunft“: 4 cubes (2 city planners, 1 super connector, 1 alien farmer)


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railroad ink würfelerweiterung arcadeWürfelerweiterung „Arcade“:

8-bit fun for your game! 4 new game variations for Railroad Ink inspired by video game classics!
In the Pluck-Man-Erweiterung you’ll draw ghosts and fruit next to your unused exits. Help Pluck-Man catch the ghosts by connecting him to both.
In the Regenbogen-Erweiterung you can use rainbows as wildcard routes, block your opponents’ squares with rain clouds, and earn bonus points from lucky clover.
railroad ink würfelerweiterung arcadeIn the Galactic Invaders-Erweiterung, you send aliens to other players to destroy all structures in a field. But beware, of course, your network can quickly meet the same fate!
In the Tetromino-Erweiterung, show exactly where you want to build according to the dice. If you actually succeed, extra points will be awarded..
Content of Würfelerweiterung „Arcade“: 4 dice (1 Pluck-Man, 1 Tetromino, 1 Galactic Invaders, 1 Rainbow)


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railroad ink würfelerweiterung elektrizitätWürfelerweiterung „Elektrizität“:
Power your network! Build a power grid, secure the energy supply and light up your streets!
Light up your routes in the Straßenlaternen-Erweiterung, but don’t forget to turn on your lanterns too!
railroad ink würfelerweiterung elektrizitätCreate a network of power lines in addition to your traffic network in the Stromnetz-Erweiterung and ensure a constant power supply by connecting to the accumulator. Voltage guaranteed!
Content of Würfelerweiterung „Elektrizität“: 4 cubes (2 streetlights, 2 power grid)


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railroad ink würfelerweiterung eldritchWürfelerweiterung „Eldritch“:
Awaken the Great Old Ones through rituals and portals! Or send investigators to stop them!
With the dice of the Tentakel-Erweiterung Tentacles from other dimensions appear on the landscape, but a little madness is OK and even scores extra points.
railroad ink würfelerweiterung eldritchUse the dice of the Ermittler-Erweiterung, to send out investigators to gather clues and solve the case!
Build a separate madness network full of ritual sites in the Ritual-Erweiterung. But beware, if you connect these portals to your normal network, you will lose points!
The Portal-Erweiterung connects areas of your network as if they were right next to each other.
Content of Würfelerweiterung „Eldritch“: 4 dice (1 tentacle, 1 investigator, 1, portal, 1 ritual)


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railroad ink würfelerweiterung wolkenWürfelerweiterung „Wolken“:
Above the clouds… Establish flight routes or take control of the weather!
In the Wetter-Erweiterung, you’ll draw cloud, storm, and snow areas on your board and earn bonus points if the different weather phenomena don’t touch.
railroad ink würfelerweiterung wolkenIn the Flughafen-Erweiterung, you’ll expand your transportation networks to lofty heights! Airports automatically connect to all kinds of adjacent routes, but give minus points if they are not connected at the end of the game. Have a good flight!
Content of Würfelerweiterung „Wolken“: 4 cubes (2 weather, 2 airport)


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railroad ink würfelerweiterung u-bahnWürfelerweiterung „U-Bahn“:
Go deep and build subway shafts or water pipes! As an extra challenge, build both in levels below each other!
railroad ink würfelerweiterung u-bahnBuild underground subway shafts and water pipes while continuing to build rails and roads on the surface. To do this, each player uses 2 boards – one for the surface and one for underground construction. Stations located on the same square of both boards increase your network as nodes. However, stations that lie over water pipes will cause them to burst!
This expansion can even be played as a stand-alone variant – i.e. without surface board and normal track cubes.
Content of Würfelerweiterung „U-Bahn“: 4 cubes (4 civil engineering)


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railroad ink würfelerweiterung ingenieurWürfelerweiterung „Ingenieur“:
Rebuild your network and use new routes! Can be combined with all expansions!
With the Konstruktion-Erweiterung you can move existing routes, destroy them or place them on a field of your choice thanks to building permission.
In the Sanierung-Erweiterung, you can improve existing routes by adding new things to existing routes and also create entirely new route shapes.
railroad ink würfelerweiterung ingenieurReplace a route cube with the Spezialisierung-Erweiterung, which provides more opportunities for larger networks … but also for more mistakes at the end of the game!
Or replace a route cube with the Separierung-Erweiterung, to increase the difficulty with crazy route shapes!
Note: You can use any cube expansions of this set in addition to other expansions!
Content of Würfelerweiterung „Ingenieur“: 4 cubes (1 construction, 1 redevelopment, 1 specialization, 1 separation)


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Many new game opportunities

Neue Herausforderungen für Railroad Ink-Meister!


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