Railroad Ink Editions out now

The two new dice games of the “Roll & Write” series Railroad Ink Challenge are available since April in our store and in specialized trade.

In addition to the successful Railroad Ink games Tiefblau and Knallrot both Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Blattgrün and Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Sonnengelb have now found their way into our store and retailers. In each of the two games, you draw track networks with up to four players. The titles for players aged 8 and up can be combined and played with up to eight people. The seven announced dice expansions will be available for summer 2021. All games in the Railroad Ink series can not only be played solo, but are also ideal for playing via video chat.

Dies ist ein Bild von Railroad Ink: Edition Blattgrün sowie Railroad Ink: Edition Sonnengelb
Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Blattgrün and Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Sonnengelb are combinable.

As with Railroad Ink: Edition Tiefblau and Railroad Ink: Edition Knallrot, players must draw roads and tracks on their game board through clever choices of dice in order to build the most extensive transportation network possible. The two new titles Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Blattgrün and  Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Sonnengelb, however, place a completely new focus on interaction between the players, because it’s your skill that counts here. Whoever reaches the new goals faster will also get a bigger reward.

There are destination cards, the combination of which will always spark new races between the players. New track cubes with double curve, dead end and branch change the possibilities of the track network. And for the first time, special locations along the transport network bring a special effect like doubling a die, special routes or bonus points. And of course, each edition has its own special cubes again. You can look forward to forests and oases.

More information about Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Blattgrün
More information about Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Sonnengelb

For playing via video chat you can find free game plans for download on our product pages.

Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Blattgrün, 4 boards, 4 pencils, 4 track cubes, 2 forest cubes, 2 forest path cubes, 12 target cards, 1 game rule, 1-4 players, 30+ minutes, ages 8+, MSRP 16,95€. Available in stores.

Railroad Ink Challenge: Edition Sonnengelb. 4 boards, 4 pencils, 4 track cubes, 2 desert cubes, 2 canyon cubes, 12 target cards, 1 set of game rules, 1-4 players, 30+ minutes, ages 8+, MSRP 16,95€. Available in stores.


Railroad Ink: Edition Blattgrün

Railroad Ink: Edition Sonnengelb