Time Division FAQ

FAQ version 1.1 (16.11.2023)

  • The exchange icon indicates a simultaneous exchange. You are not allowed to move the same card back and forth.
  • You must always exchange cards. You are not allowed to exchange a card for nothing (so you can never exchange with an empty location).
  • Cards keep their facing (face-up or face-down, as well as their rotation) when moved to an Influence Area or the Past. When moved to the Independent Stack or a players’ hand, they change their facing to fit that area.
  • Shuffle the Independent Stack before taking a random card from it.
  • Cards from the Independent Stack are placed face-up in their new area. But you do not show them to your rival when moving one to your hand.
  • If an effect applies to a card of a specific influence, but there are two cards of the same influence, the effect applies to the card of the coin-owner. If both cards are at the same location, the coin-owner decides to which one the effect applies.
  • If an effect applies to the player with the most/fewest cards in their Influence Area and both have the same number of cards, nothing happens.

Cards keep their rotation when being moved to The Past or an Influence Area. They do not when moved to a hand or the Independence Stack.

  • The Shepherd has the following delayed effect: In the next round – after the coin is moved and before any card is triggered – take the card from your’ rival’s Decision Space and move it to your Influence Area. That means in the next round you will definitely move your rival’s card into your Influence Area, but then the coin owner decides as usual whether the card on your Decision Space is triggered or collected.
  • Tactics: The Shepherd is a very strong card, but only if it is played at the right moment. As it has 0 influence, your rival is always the coin owner. So if your rival has played a card with a nice effect, they will most likely let you collect the Shepherd and trigger their own card. However, if he they played a high card that they would like to collect, the Shepherd puts them in a a tight spot: They can either choose their own effect just to hinder you from triggering the Shepherd, or they can collect their high card by allowing you to use the Shepherd’s strong delayed effect in the next round.

The card with Influence Value 10 of each era has no game effect, but can still be triggered (nothing happens). If you like, you can read out the card’s text instead.

It is possible to create a deck that consists of different eras, but not highly recommended for the base game. If you want to do it anyway: Note, that each deck should consist of 1x 1, (2x 2 Time Travellers), 2x 3-9, 1x 10. Let us know if you have found an amazing new combination worth sharing with other players.

Cards are 56mm x 87mm.

Find the rulebook here

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