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Illustrator Diary: Cóatl

After giving you an insight into the development of the game Cóatl with Designer Diary: Cóatl, today we would like to turn our attention...
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Designer Diary: Cóatl

Until 25.3 the Snake festival lasts, according to the Aztec calendar. Quetzalcoatl is one of the most important deities of the Aztecs and has...
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Cóatl the card game

Cóatl the Card Game is a new variant of the board game Cóatl. During the game, you compete to impress the high priest of...
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HeidelBÄR Games Advent Calender!

Ho Ho Ho and welcome to this year’s HeidelBÄRen advent calendar! Every day from Wednesday, 1 December until Friday, 24 December, a new door will...