Our castle-event 2023: Time diversion while socialising

What a great fun we had and unfortunately it is already over again. This year from 09.06 – 11.06 our legendary castle-event took place. Together with our partners and numerous content creators from all over Europe we met once again over the course of four days. With four different gaming areas and one outdoor area we had plenty of room for everyone to play the games the way they liked. Saturday we took a little risk and organized two large groups for a game of Codenames, where we projected the screen on the old castles walls. Everyone had a lot of fun guessing which words were an agent. But before our game we enjoyed some of the finest german BBQs the castle has propably seen! With meat and vegetarian options and delightful salads the queue fast became large but that didn’t stop our grill masters from grilling everything we had as fast as they could.

Also worth mentioning was our great camp fire in the castle moat. While we all could sit at the fire, drink some beers, be chatting  others were playing through the night till the morning. You see there’s a lot more stories to tell, as many as the people that were there. While all these cool things happened the reason we all were there were the board games! And let us tell you we had them all! Great classics, new announced games, the small ones, the big ones. Even crowdfunded prototypes.

But one of our personal HeidelBÄR gems is our new upcoming board game Time Division by Alexander Schreiber.  In this two player deck builder, two time organizations face off for control of the merged two timelines. The time researchers have identified three critical moments in the now shared history that could decide the flow of time. Now they must influence key figures of these ages, because in the end only one time organization can remain. The other will perish in the flow of time.

This two player game plays out over three different ages in the campaign, which bring different effects, tactics and difficulties. It begins in ancient Egypt, moves through the dark Middle Ages, and ends in the 1980s. However, each age can also be played on its own. A special drafting phase divides the cards among both players.

Time Division is scheduled for release on September 30, 2023 and will be available at SPIEL 23. The MSRP is expected to be 29,95€.