Dungeon Fighter remake in October 2021

From October 2021, all four Dungeon Fighter titles from the international Kickstarter of our partner Horrible Guild will be available through us in German. All relevant game material and rules of the new edition are of course included.

The COMPLETELY revised and expanded new edition consists of the introductory game „Das Labyrinth der launischen Lüfte“, which offers the classic Dungeon Fighter experience especially for new heroes, and three independently playable expansions with special theme and game material. All four boxes each offer a complete game with different targets, dice, special dice, dice challenges, dungeon cards, monsters, heroes, weapons, … . But they can also be combined with each other – so you can take your favorite heroes, weapons and monsters with you to the next dungeon.

In Dungeon FighterDas Labyrinth der launischen Lüfte, the daredevil (aka rarely dumb) heroes head into the depths of the jungle maze to face terrible monsters like the Monkey King, the Minotaur, and the Cute Bear together.

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In Dungeon Fighter: Der Vulkan der vielfältigen Verbrennungen, on the other hand, has your heroes climbing into a volcano and having to keep a cool head among the flames to fight together cruel monsters such as the well-read Orc, the Nightmare, the Thing and the Baby Dragon.

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Descend with your heroes into cursed and certainly collapsing catacombs in Dungeon Fighter: Die Gruft der griesgrämigen Geister. Only a few who have descended have ever seen the light of day again. Will they withstand the haunting and escape the cursed dungeon with their skins intact and, most importantly, their minds sound?

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In Dungeon Fighter: Die Festung des flutschigen Frosts, your heroes have slithered straight into the frozen halls of an ice fortress. Will they make it out of this coldest of dungeons without freezer burn?

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Here is the Kickstarter video in English:

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