Die Alchemisten and expansion available!

The expert game Die Alchemisten is back and the expansion Der Golem des Königs is available in our store and in stores for the first time!

With the strategy game Die Alchemisten, a board game has again found its way into our store and specialized trade. In addition, the expansion Der Golem des Königs is available in our store and in specialized stores for the first time. In the bestseller from Czech Games Edition for 2-4 people, from 13 years, it’s time to prove your alchemical know-how.

In the expert game Die Alchemisten, the task is to combine different components for a potion over six rounds and improve your potions based on the resulting outcome. The web-app designed for IOS, Android and Windows changes the rules for mixing potions in each round. In addition, powerful but also expensive magical artifacts are available to you when brewing. The goal is to gain as high a reputation as possible as an alchemist. For this purpose, you can also sell questionable creations of your potions to adventurers, for example. But money is only one means, what really counts are published theories that will increase your reputation.

The expansion Der Golem des Königs is a modular expansion that provides a modified game structure, new action costs, and new goals and opportunities. In addition, the content is divided into different difficulty levels, so that both apprentices and masters will find new challenges in the art of brewing.

Die Alchemisten
, 2-4 players, age 13 and up, 120 minutes, MSRP: 39,95€
Der Golem des Königs, 2-4 players, age 14 and up, 120 minutes, MSRP: 24,95€

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