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Fast 'n' FunHorrible GuildMyths & FairytalesSimilo

Similo: Märchen

What does Alice in Wonderland have to do with Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White?  Are they all girls, or are there other...
Fast 'n' FunHistoryHorrible GuildSimilo

Similo: Geschichte

What does Isaac Newton have to do with Leonardo Da Vinci or Charles Darwin? Are they all boys, or are there other similarities? And...
AlchemyHorrible GuildPotion Explosion

Potion Explosion

Dear students, your last year at the Horrible College of Solid Witchcraft is almost over and so it’s time for the final exam! So...
AlchemyHorrible GuildPotion Explosion

Potion Explosion: Der 6. Student

The Horrible College for Handsome Sorcerers has been thoroughly renovated, expanded and modernized. Now the faculty, esteemed by potion connoisseurs, shines in new splendor....