Bake and win!

The Christmas season has begun and the kitchens of the houses are beginning to smell wonderful. With the new expansion A la Carte Dessert to the basic game A la Carte, the ovens are preheated and delicious desserts are prepared. And that is also the task of our new Christmas Culinary competition. If you want to show off your baking skills outside of the “A la Carte” kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. You can create a sweet, savory or hearty dessert that has a connection to our publishing house. Be it a HeidelBÄR-cake, the most beautiful cookie logo or a dessert from A la Carte Dessert. Get creative, swing the dough roller and show your attention to detail. It doesn’t matter to be a professional baker! When you’re happy with your result, you can photograph the work and upload the picture or finished recipe to our Hunt portal. You can additionally post your dessert on your Instagram channels as a post or story and tag us, we look forward to reposting everything. The most beautiful, the most creative and a randomly selected dessert can win the A la Carte Dessert game and present their baking skills there.