A little look into the production of Fish & Katz

After we already gave you a look at the production of Tails on Fire, today we’ll take a look at Fish & Katz. Our new family game from last year is also produced in the EU, or more precisely in the Czech Republic.

The inlays are folded by hand and placed in the glued game box. The game material is then placed inside. Fish & Katz includes 6 finger cat cards, 50 fish cards, 4 squid cards, 6 overview cards, 20 paw markers, 1 sticker sheet and instructions. The plastic markers are made from RE-Plastic®, a sustainably recycled plastic. RE-Plastic® can be recycled again and again, maintaining the recycling cycle steadily, effectively and responsibly.

After the game has received its lid, the journey continues to welding. A machine encloses the game with a thin film, and in the next step this is heated so that it fits tightly around the game. Securely packaged, the game can now make its way to you or the retailers.


Fish & Katz, together with Tails on Fire and Evergreen, supports the organization Trees for the Future. We are very happy to be able to have a new tree planted through the sale of each game! Since trees are not everything, the further work of Trees for the Future also refers to supporting regionally based families who live from agriculture with knowledge and tools. Therefore, the organization works with local communities to see what help is needed to move toward more sustainable agriculture. Like Heidelberger Spieleverlag, the organization was founded in 1989 and works primarily in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. Detailed information is available at: https://trees.org.

FISH & KATZ – Catch the Fish

Fish & Katz is the new PAWtastic reaction game by Benjamin Leung for 2–6 people. The family game combines quick reaction skills with tactical elements and includes six knitted cat paws. Beforehand, each person chooses one of the six cat paw fingers, which are used to grab the fish during the game.

In each round, corresponding to the people playing, fish cards are laid out face up (number of people +1). Together is then counted “1,2,3” and on “3” all put their paw on a fish card.

If there is only one finger on a card, the person gets the card and places it face up in front of him. If several people have chosen the same card, they all go empty-handed and the card is removed from the game. Afterward, the display is refilled and the next round begins.

Once a person has collected three cards of two types of fish, the round ends, and they receive cat tokens for each set of at least three identical fish cards. How many tokens one gets depends on the type of fish collected. Fish come in three value levels, and the more valuable the fish, the fewer cards of it there are in the deck. Then all the collected fish are discarded and a new round begins. Once a person has collected 6 paw tokens, he wins the game.