Vampire The Masquerade: Vendetta incl. Ancilla Upgrade available now.

Easter is the festival of resurrection and as you know, vampires are also experts in resurrection. From now on you can buy HeidelBÄRen Vampire The Masquerade – Vendetta incl. the Ancilla upgrade and raise the game fun to a new level. Combine it directly with our Easter discount and save money!

Vampire: The Masquerade - Vendetta ContentTake advantage of the Easter season to play Vampire The Masquerade – Vendetta with the new Ancilla upgrade with your family or friends! The deluxe version of the popular P’n’P and RPG franchise is now available in our online store and in stores! The area control game full of bluff and betrayal, was penned by Subnautica developer Charlie Cleveland and board and card game development veteran Bruno Faidutti. In 2020 Vampire The Masquerade – Vendetta was realized by our Italian partner publisher Horrible Guild in a very successful Kickstarter campaign, now the Deluxe Edition offers even more fun.

Vampire The Masquerade - Vendetta DEUTSCH + Ancilla-Upgrade

In addition to the basic game, the Deluxe Edition includes 50 metal influence markers and 40 blood drop-shaped blood markers. In addition, you will receive a cloth bag printed with the Vendetta logo, in which you can store the markers, as well as three clickable silicone marker trays.

Through our Easter promotion, you can get an additional 10% discount with the code OSTERFEUER and even save on shipping costs for the game!

VEN_WEB_GALLERY_Img03In Vampire The Masquerade – Vendetta, it’s up to you to expand your influence in the metropolis of Chicago over three ages. Fight against the other vampires for power, using cards and blood to gain control over influential people and turn them into your servants. Vampire The Masquerade – Vendetta is an area control game full of bluffs and betrayals. Heated discussions included!


Vampire The Masquerade - Vendetta DEUTSCH + Ancilla-Upgrade

The german version of Vampire The Masquerade – Vendetta + Ancilla Upgrade is for 3–6 players, ages 14+ and lasts 30+ minutes. The game comes with 1 game manual, 7 clan sheets, 63 clan cards, 8 relic cards, 7 location cards, 30 ally cards, 35 sacrifice cards, 4 location tiles, 28 location plates, over 100 markers, 40 plastic blood markers, 50 metal influence markers, 1 cloth bag with Vendetta logo, and 3 silicone click-together marker trays.