Rough roads ahead: Mini-Expansion for free!

Just about right for the holidays: enjoy new and fresh challenges in this free digital mini-expansion for Galaxy Trucker. Digitally draw one to three Rough Roads cards for your flight, facing even more intense levels of galactic danger with each card you add. Welcome to Rough Roads – There are 15 Rough Roads cards in this digital deck, so that you can face different card combinations with each playthrough. Ownership of the Galaxy Trucker board game is required.

Digitally draw one to three Rough Roads cards for your flight and face even greater galactic danger with each card added. Set a difficulty level: 1 – hard, 2 – extreme and the completely normal level three for a professional trucker, 3 – insane! Before each flight, reveal as many cards as you can. It’s best to read them out loud because they describe special rules for that flight. Keep the device with the app within reach so that everyone can check the cards at any time.

After the flight, you throw the cards away. The app remembers the discard pile, so there will be different cards next time. But you can also choose to shuffle the discard pile back into the deck. True to the motto, everything can, nothing must… or is it?

Important: Never use this expansion with newcomers. Note the following tips: 
Expressions of force are to be avoided unless your ship is completely falling apart. Do not allow children to chew on the game material under any circumstances. 
Make sure all warning indicators are working correctly before starting. 
The difficulty level insane is prohibited when playing with seniors. 
Galaxy Trucker must not be played while driving a vehicle. 
The table must not be overturned until the game is over. 
Do not consume hot coffee when driving on steep tracks. 
Cats must be kept away from the table during the game. 
The throwing of cards is not meant literally. 
Please do not lick the screen. 
And always expect trouble. 
Watch out for potholes.
Have fun!