Pick a Pig and and other games of the series

 Who can grab the sow the fastest?! Pick a Pig is a fast reaction game by Jolly Thinkers and available right now at HeidelBÄR Games in German. The game is by Torsten Landsvogt, offers fast-paced fun for 1–5 people and can be bought in our online shop.

The goal of Pick a Pig is to collect animals as quickly as possible. At the start of the game, each person receives a starting card face down and all remaining cards are laid out face up in a 5 x 6 grid.

At the same time, everyone turns over their starting card and tries to find an animal that has exactly one or no difference to the starting card. Once one is found, it is placed on the starting card and the person searches for the next card. This must again have one or no difference to the top card on the pile.

So the goal is to collect many animals little by little. The animals are available with the following characteristics:

  • big/small
  • light/dark
  • one arm/two arms
  • with/without sunglasses
  • with/without popcorn
As soon as one person thinks that no card on the table fulfills the requirement, he calls stop and ends the round for everyone. First, it is checked whether the person who ended the round was actually authorized to call “Stop”.
If there is indeed no card left that fits on the pile, she receives a bonus card.If one or more cards would have fit, the person loses all the cards he collected in that round.
Then the piles are checked in turn – it is seen whether the following card always has only one or no difference to the previous one.
If everything matches, the cards are awarded as points. If there is a mistake, all cards from the round are discarded.

Then prepare for the next round by handing out one starting card face down to each person and filling in the gaps on the board so that there are 30 cards again.

If you don’t have enough cards to fill all the gaps, play the last round with fewer cards. If there are not enough cards to give each person a starting card, the game ends immediately.

More Animals, more chaos, more fun!

You can also combine Pick a Pig with Pig a Dog to play it with 8 people. Then the animal type pig/dog is added as an additional feature and offers even more fun!

In the center of the table, you then place 49 cards instead of 30, in a 7 x 7 grid. The person who finishes a round correctly receives two bonus cards.

Pick a Seal, Pick a Polar Bear, Pick a Dog

There are other exciting games from the series. Pig a Seal and Pick a Polar Bear can also be combined and allow the game for up to 8 people.

Here you can find the game-series in our online shop.