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  Age: 13 years and older

  Duration: 30 minutes per player

  min. player count: 2

  max. player count: 4

Complexity rating: Eurogame

  topic: Area control, tile placement, economy

  Designer: Petr Čáslava, Ondřej Bystroň, Pavel Jarosch

  Artist: Štěpán Drašťák, Radek Boxan, Milan Vavroň, Roman Bednář

  Language: German

  Release Date: 2023

 game components: 1 Main board, 1 Supplementary board for the buildings offer, 4 Dual layer player boards, 2 Stands for the market decks, St. Barbara tiles, Guild tiles, Building tiles, Mine tiles, Councilor tokens, Cardboard coins,Action cards, Market cards, Setup cards,Set of tokens for each player (buildings, mines, plots, points, reputation, and production trackers), 1 Rulebook, Reference sheets for each player.

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