Keep on trucking: Galaxy Trucker Second editions first expansion announced

Keep on trucking with this new expansion for the relaunched version of Galaxy Trucker. With new ship classes, new adventure cards, more ship-building components, Rough Roads cards, and new aliens with unique abilities, your flight through the stars becomes more chaotic and more fun!

Do you laugh at pirates, shrug off combat zones, and meet every meteor with cannons blazing? If you’ve mastered the basics of Galaxy Trucker, then you’re ready for this expansion! Corp Inc has new ships they would like you to try. Ships that will challenge you. Ships that will make you ask, “What were they thinking?!”

Your ships will be thoroughly tested by new adventures. And if your flights still seem easy, Rough Roads cards can turn a humdrum milk run into a twisted spatiotemporal nightmare. To meet these challenges, you’ll have access to new components offering new tactical options. And you’ll be able to fly with new aliens who each have a unique ability.

The different parts of the expansion can be mixed and matched, allowing you to choose the combination that will be most fun for you. So whether you’re flying with grizzled veterans who miss the thrill of exploding space ships, or teaching newbies who just survived their first flight, this expansion will help you Keep on Trucking!

Galaxy Trucker is a fast and goofy family game where 2 to 4 players build space ships in real time by grabbing ship-building tiles as fast as they can. Then they test their ships by flying across a galaxy that wants to blow them up!

Listen up, cadets, and make a note now not to forget everything again:

  • Expansion for recently relaunched Galaxy Trucker.
  • Build your own space ship. Can it withstand the perils of deep space?
  • New space ship components give players new tactical options.
  • New aliens can bring each space ship a unique ability.
  • Rough Roads cards allow players to increase the difficulty level.
  • New space ship types shake up the standard building strategies.
  • Different parts of the expansion can be mixed and matched, allowing players to customize each flight the way they want it.

Make sure, you have checked for all parts before you start, too:

  • Triple-sided player boards with 3 new types of space ships.
  • Ship-building components with cutting-edge technology.
  • New alien figures with various specializations.
  • New adventure cards.
  • New trucking titles.
  • Rough Roads cards.

Get to your local space & tube dealer and make sure, to arrange for your order of new supply in time!