It will be Spicy – International Hot and Spicy Food Day

Today is the International Hot and Spicy Food Day. So it’s a good idea to spice up your meal with some wasabi, chili and pepper. So grab our bluffing game Spicy and get started right away. The multi-award-winning game by Zoltán Győri is now available in over 15 countries and has won over players with its simple, yet captivating and exciting gameplay. Spicy is for 2-6 people aged 10 and up and is available from us HeidelBÄRen in the online store and in specialized stores.

Simple rules – spicy game

The game contains 100 Spicy cards. These include number cards from 1 to 10, each in triplicate in the spice directions wasabi, chili and pepper. In addition, there are 5 number and 5 spice jokers.

Each person gets 6 cards and the youngest person starts by playing a 1, 2 or 3 with any spice. All other persons have to play a higher card of the same spice. So after a Wasabi 3, a Wasabi 5 can be played, but no Chili 5. After a 10 has been announced, the next person must continue with a 1, 2 or 3 of the same spice.

But then you have to be pretty lucky to have the right cards, you’re probably thinking now, right?
But don’t worry, the bluffing element comes into play. You don’t have to actually play the cards you say you’re going to play. The cards are placed face down. The only important thing is that you don’t make any mistakes and that you look convincing. Your announcement can be challenged at any time – but only the spice or the number can be challenged. Whoever wins this challenge receives the discard pile as points, whoever loses it must draw two penalty cards, but may open a new round with any spice.

Bluffing and fibbing are thus the focus of Spicy. The number and spice jokers are particularly exciting, since they always tell the truth for their respective category, but always lose for the other category. A number joker is therefore always true with regard to the number, no matter what you have said, but loses every spice challenge.

If that’s not spicy enough for you – then play with the extra spicy variant. These cards bring additional rules to the game.

Spicy is by Zoltán Győri and for 2-6 people aged 10 and up. The game includes 100 Spicy cards, 1 World’s End card, 3 Trophy cards and 6 Extra Spicy cards (variant).
Spicy is ideal for bluffers and gamblers and has won several awards.

Sweet & Spicy – less spicy, but just as good!

If bluffing games are new to you or you want to play it with younger players, Sweet & Spicy is a good introduction to the game genre. The game principle remains the same, new are especially the superjokers, which cannot be doubted and are always right for both number and spice.

The design has also been completely revised and this time cute cats greet you with salt, chili and lemon as spices.

Sweet & Spicy is by Zoltán Győri and for 2-6 people aged 8 and up. The game is eco friendly produced and includes 100 Spicy cards, 1 end of game card, 3 trophy cards and 6 super jokers.
The game is the new sweet family version of Spicy and offers card teasing for gambler friends.