Hercules is now available

Hercules is now available for order in German at HeidelBÄR Games. In this game by Fábio Lima, you roll your dice and solve math problems to master the legendary 12 tasks of Hercules. Hercules is now available online and in stores. Alongside Evora, Hercules is one of the new autumn releases from MEBO Games, which HeidelBÄR Games is publishing in German for the first time.

Face the 12 tasks of Hercules. But don’t worry, you don’t actually have to slay the Nemean Lion or kill the nine-headed Hydra. Instead, you’ll have to achieve certain combinations with your dice to complete the tasks. In doing so, you’ll race each other and can also call on the help of demigods and gods. In the end, the winner is the one who gets the most victory points for mastered tasks, collected cards and bonuses through clever calculation.

How to play Hercules?

Hercules is played over several rounds, and each round consists of three phases. In the first phase, you all roll your dice at the same time. In phase 2, you perform one of the two actions, starting with the starting player:

  1. You master a task
    To master a task, you add, subtract or multiply the two numbers of your two dice and perform a task from the display according to the number. In this way, you get the markers of the task and move your piece to the right until it is in front of the next marker. If you complete a task further to the right, the figure does not move, as it may never jump over markers. By completing the tasks, you will receive demigod cards that you can activate with your markers to influence the outcome of the dice. If your character lands under a god card, you receive it and can use it without marker cost. Vase cards are obtained when your figure jumps over at least three empty squares. Like the other cards, they give you additional victory points at the end of the game.
  2. You rest.
    You may only do this if you have not mastered a task and have not used a god or demigod card this turn. Resting allows you to return three used markers to your supply and/or turn a used god card face up again.

In the third phase, the Pegasus card (start player marker) is passed to the next person.

End of game and scoring

Once a person has managed to master all the tasks, the game ends after the current round. All persons who were able to reach the twelfth column receive 5 victory points. In addition, you receive victory points for cards fulfilled, majorities in card types, complete card sets and unused markers. Whoever could collect the most points wins the game.

Hercules is for 1-4 people ages 8 and up and takes about 30 minutes to play. The game includes game instructions (in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish), 48 markers, 1 game board, 1 scoring pad, 9 dice, 79 cards (gods, demigods and vases cards).

Hercules is by Fábio Lima and published by MEBO Games. The German version is now published by HeidelBÄR Games and is available for MSRP €24.95 online and in stores.