Get new games and pre-order for SPIEL’21!

From now on, the pre-order for SPIEL’21 Essen is open in our store: If you want to get the expansion of Die verlorenen Ruinen von Arnak: Die Expeditionsleiter or the new Galaxy Trucker from Czech Games Edition, you can pre-order the German version of these games in our webshop. You can also get Under Falling Skies and our brand new card game Blaze right now.

The SPIEL’21 in Essen starts on October 14th and we present you with our partners Czech Games Edition and Horrible Guild the best selection of our new games 2021. Get your new favorites now in advance to take home! SPIEL’21 in Essen is getting closer and closer and you can now pre-order the games Die verlorenen Ruinen von Arnak, as well as the expansion Die Expeditionsleiter, Galaxy Trucker (2nd Edition), Under Falling Skies, and Blaze.

These items can be pre-ordered from us for collection at SPIEL 2021 in Essen. Your games will then be waiting for you at our booth in Hall 1, 1 C 121, where our team will hand them over to you by showing your ID or, if applicable, a power of attorney from the person placing the order. The items Die verlorenen Ruinen von Arnak, Under Falling Skies and Galaxy Trucker are available at a reduced trade show price during this trade show pick-up promotion. The discount will only be displayed during the order process

Items that are not part of the trade show pickup cannot be ordered together with them. However, you can of course simply buy such items at our booth. To place a pre-order for pick-up at the trade show, you have to display the shopping cart, check the box for pick-up SPIEL 2021 and click the button next to it. After that you can complete the order process!

Unlike our regular preorders in the store, this time the amount will be debited immediately for this type of order. Orders that have not been picked up at the show by 2pm on Sunday 10/17 will be cancelled and refunded after the show.

Attention, reminder: this type of order cannot be combined with other pre-orderable or available items.

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