Four new Dungeon Fighter games available in September

In September, the four new Dungeon Fighter games will finally be released. Like the basic game, the games are designed by Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino, Aureliano Buonfino and Lorenzo Silva and are published by our partner Horrible Guild, who also created the popular Railroad Ink. series. Those excellent skill games are available for pre-order now and will also be available for regular purchase in September from our online store and specialty retailers. Use the games to add more variety to your dungeon crawler or as your very own start to the Dungeon Fighter series. Like the base game, the new Dungeons are for 1-6 people ages 14 and up and are played cooperatively.

Dungeon Fighter is a whimsical game of skill. As you explore the dungeon, you’ll encounter a variety of monsters. If you can defeat them, you’ll collect rewards in the form of gold coins, which you can use to buy equipment from the dungeon merchant. So far, everything sounds like a normal dungeon crawler.

What is special about the Dungeon Fighter games is the game mechanism. You don’t just roll the dice for your fight, but you throw the dice at a target. Depending on where the dice falls, you do damage to the monster – so you need a good portion of dice-rolling luck. The dice themselves are not to be neglected either, because depending on the dice result, you can trigger additional special effects. It’s especially fun when you come across enemies that can only be defeated with weak points. You can exploit these weak points by making special throws: for example, by throwing blindly or from a greater distance. This increases the fun factor, but also the risk of not hitting the target or hitting it badly.

The four new Dungeon Fighter games also rely on this game mechanic, but expand it with exciting and varied elements in each case. If you’re new to the world of Dungeon Fighter, you’ll have a total of five games to choose from to start your adventure. All of the games can be played independently, but they differ in terms of the material that we would like to showcase here.

In this game you’ll explore a volcano and fight against fiery demons and the disgraced Bullrog Behethong. In keeping with the theme, the volcano, the wall of fire, the ring of fire and the lava are all obstacles that make it difficult for you to roll the dice. Also new, however, are discs that you’ll have to throw at the target during the course of the game, which will affect your dice roll. For example, if you land on the fireball with your roll, you do 10 or 6 damage. However, if you land on an explosion field, your attack does no damage and you all receive 2 points of damage. It is also noticeable that in this version you play mostly with eight-sided dice.

Explore a forest and face whimsical witches, poisonous plants and monsters. While this game again relies on classic six-sided dice, a gate, a chalice, a ramp, and four thorn bushes try to make your dice rolling more difficult. Your target will be modified throughout the game with goo, a ball of lightning and a mass healing.

It’s getting cold in this dungeon as you face the brutal penguin tyrant. Penguins? They’re cute – not here, and the cold is their terrain. Don’t let icebergs or ice floes stop your dice. Even the target is thematically adapted here with frozen discs and ice weak spots. This time you’ll fight with four-sided dice. Will you manage to storm the icy halls of the frosty fortress?

It’s into the crypt and you face Skelletor, a powerful necromancer. With twelve-sided dice you try to take on the various monsters. Since a crypt isn’t cleaned that often, your board may get a few spider webs during the game. So watch out, because you don’t want your weapon to get stuck there. But with a little luck you will also find a treasure and get some additional gold coins. You like to eat with chopsticks? Then try throwing the dice with the bone chopsticks.

5 games, 5 different dungeons

All games can be combined in any way, but also played independently. As you’ve seen, each dungeon has its own unique theme and setting and adds varied elements. The new dungeons are thus worthwhile as a new start in the Dungeon Fighter series, but also for fans of the base game to get new adventures.