Evora and Hercules to be released in November

New games from Portugal! In November, Evora and Hercules will be released by our Portuguese partner MEBO Games. While you build the 14 columns of a Roman temple in Evora (RRP €54.95), you face the 12 legendary tasks of Hercules in Hercules (RRP €24.95). Both games will be available online and in stores starting in November and are among the new fall releases from MEBO Games, which HeidelBÄR Games is publishing in German.

At the international games fair Spiel22, a first glimpse of Evora and Hercules could already be had at the MEBO Games booth. Both games will be available online and in stores. MEBO Games was founded in 2010 under the name MESAboardgames near Lisbon and has since then repeatedly developed games with Portuguese flair, which enjoy great popularity beyond Portugal.


In Évora, a Roman temple was built in the 1st century, 14 of whose columns have been preserved to this day. The game of the same name is about the construction of these columns. Skillfully move your character around the construction site to help build the pillars, achieve majorities in the pillars, and thus score important victory points. In addition to building columns, hand cards, with different effects, are also available to you. This allows important figures, such as the emperor, to exert their influence and weigh you down important points for victory.

Evora is for 2-4 people, ages 8 and up, and a game lasts 30-60 minutes

The game by Joâo Quintela Martins is published by MEBO Games and includes 1 game manual (in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish), 1 game board, 1 start marker, 36 cards, 44 worker figures, 1 centurion figure, 4 score markers, 8 emperor bonus tokens, 4 instant bonus tokens, 68 wooden stones, 24 wooden capitals.

Evora will be published in German by HeidelBÄR Games in November and is available online and in stores for MSRP €54.95.


In Hercules, you roll your dice and solve math problems to master the legendary 12 tasks of Hercules. In the process, you’ll race against each other. But being the fastest isn’t enough to win! To get ahead, you’ll have to turn to the gods of Olympus to help you remove the obstacles in your way. In the end, the winner is whoever gets the most victory points for their cards and bonuses by clever calculation.


Hercules is for 1-4 people ages 8 and up and takes about 30 minutes to play.

The game includes game instructions (in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish), 48 markers, 1 game board, 1 scoring block, 9 dice, 79 cards.

Hercules is by Fábio Lima and published by MEBO Games. The German version will be released in November by HeidelBÄR Games and is available online and in stores for MSRP €24.95.