The aroma of roasting rises, peppers and fresh herbs make your mouth water … now a little salt … no, that was too much!!!! Or maybe not – because in the A la carte – dessert extension, the salt dishes have made their entrance. In the award-winning A la carte, which was nominated for Game of the Year in 2010, not only do up to 4 chefs put their skills to the test, but since SPIEL’21 in Essen, a 5th competitor for the coveted restaurant stars has also joined the game. But once again, he too has difficulties sticking to the recipe. The expansion A la Carte – Dessert has recently become available everywhere! 

Here, something too recent is the programme and no longer a flaw. But beware, the other ingredients will now be mixed and matched in your expensive pots. If you want to be successful as a chef, you must not let your dishes burn or be prepared incorrectly. Do you still have the necessary skills? It’s not just a matter of adding the right spice to culinary delicacies; of course, an a la carte dish must also be cooked to perfection. The necessary skill instead of the hectic pace in the large kitchen makes you a star chef!

The re-release of the new edition of A la carte – Dessert is available everywhere and for RRP €19.95 affordable even for the less well-heeled, even in four languages.

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