Bye-Bye Black Sheep

All good things come in threes. Inspired by this sentence, the animals in the zoo come together to form triplets and have great fun. They don’t want to let the black sheep spoil their good mood…

Bye-Bye Black Sheep is by Torsten Landsvogt and right now available in German from HeidelBÄR Games in our online store.  The simple but exciting card game comes from our partner Jolly Thinkers and takes you to a zoo where you try to collect triplets of animals. But beware of the black sheep!

The player whose turn it is may draw cards from other people’s hands and place them at the watering hole. As long as normal animal cards are drawn, the drawing may continue. After each draw, you may also change the person from whom you draw. But watch out, because as soon as a black sheep is drawn, the turn must end and all cards are taken into the hand. Only those who finish their turn in time are allowed to put cards into their own zoo in addition to picking up the cards. You are always allowed to put two cards less into the zoo than there were animals at the watering hole this turn.

Whoever manages to collect the required number of triplets first wins the fast-paced card game.

Special cards, such as the thieving magpie, the eagle or the mole, bring even more exciting strategy options into play and can help collect the right animals. After a few games, the difficulty of the game can still be increased with the special cards, the white sheep, the ewe and the wolf.


Bye-Bye Black Sheep is a card game by Torsten Landsvogt and available in German from HeidelBÄR Games. The game is for 2–5 people aged 8 and up, and one game lasts about 20 minutes.
Bye-Bye Black Sheep contains 64 animal cards, including 4 sets each of different animals numbered 1 to 16, 11 special cards, 3 special cards to increase the difficulty and a water hole card.