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INTERVIEW: Jim Dratwa, Cyril Blondel

Jim Dratwa and Cyril Blondel already developed several games, both alone and together. One of their heart-projects, now published by HeidelBÄR Games, is the card game Anansi!...
InterviewsOur Game DesignersZoltán Győri

INTERVIEW: Zoltán Győri

Zoltán Győri (Győri Zoltán Gábor), born in Budapest in 1986, is a Hungarian board game designer and performer....
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INTERVIEW: Future Pastimes with Bill, Peter, Greg & 2 x Jack

Future Pastimes is a team of American board game designers best known for the board game classics Cosmic Encounter® and Dune (winner of 2020 ORIGINS AWARD for most...
Emerson MatsuuchiInterviewsOur Game Designers

INTERVIEW: Emerson Matsuuchi

Emerson Matsuuchi, born 1975 in Los Angeles, California USA, is a software developer and game designer. He started making games at the age of eight, but it wasn’t...
InterviewsOur Game DesignersSpartaco Albertarelli

INTERVIEW: Spartaco Albertarelli

Spartaco Albertarelli, born 1963 in Milan, Italy, is a game designer with more than 130 games under his belt. Some of them are translated in many languages and...
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Interview with Heiko

A few weeks ago, the vloggers Spiel doch mal! visited us in Miltenberg....