Who We Are!


Who We Are Now

In 2019, HeidelBÄR Games left Asmodee and became an independent GmbH with the former studio manager Heiko Eller-Bilz as CEO.

For us HeidelBÄRs, this step is a return to our roots. As Heidelberger Spieleverlag, we had operated as an independent games studio for years, with all of the flexibility, creative chaos, personal responsibility, and long-term cooperation that comes with it. With the transition to a GmbH, the bear is not taking any unknown paths, and we are looking forward to a future full of terrific ideas, projects and games. Hello, Gaming World!

Great Games for Bears

As a development studio, we would like to create new bridges to bring everybody together at the same table, whether they are casual gamers, hardcore gamers or family gamers. This means we are always looking for accessible games that offer a lot of replayability over time, but also games that are a bit interesting and/or unique. If we fall in love with a game outside this scope, we are still determined to publish it. In the end, we just want to make really cool games for everyone—bears and non-bears!





Welcome to the Robot Battle Arena!...
Fast'n'FunGamesWord Games


A Thrilling Party Game With 15-second Turns!...


Fast'n'FunGamesLetter Piece GamesWord Games
Piece the Word Together!...


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Piece my Word Together!...
Fast'n'FunFood & FeedGamesRadiant Culture SeriesTales & Myths


Big Cats and Hot Bluffing...
Fast'n'FunGamesMega Menu USRadiant Culture SeriesTales & Myths


Keeper of Stories...
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The Trickster of the Animal Kingdom...


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The Legendary Firebird...


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Animal Poker

Welcome to Animal Inc.! Join us and make your career...
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Sweet & Spicy

Sweet & Spicy is a bluffing card game for 2-6 players...
All GamesAnimalsAnnounced Games USFast'n'FunFood & FeedGamesNewPartyRadiant Culture Series

Hungry Monkey

Hungry Monkey is a card game where the goal is to...
All GamesAnimalsAnnounced Games USFamily & FriendsFast'n'FunGamesNewPartyRadiant Culture Series

Tails on Fire

Tails on Fire is an interactive card game in which...
All GamesAnimalsFamily & FriendsFast'n'FunGamesNewParty

Fish & Katz

Designer Benjamin Leung’s game with a playing time of 20...


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Time Division

No one knew when it began, but suddenly two timelines...