27. December 2018

VOLT hits the US stores!

We are excited to announce that VOLT will be on sale from 27 December!

In Emerson Matsuuchi’s game VOLT, 2–4 players simultaneously “program” battle robots, which then compete against each other in the arena … LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!
Interested in learning more about VOLT? Check out the rules: VOLT Training Rules, RFL Manual or dive into the stories of the robots and arenas:

Tokyo & Volt
Twin Cities & The Hound
Rome & Mercury
Ruhrgebiet & Reaper



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Trailer Credits: 2D Illustrations – Shawn Cauchi, Animation and 3D – Fabrizio Calì, Production – Mighty Box, Audio Production and Sounddesign and Mixing & Mastering - Sascha Schiemann and Mario Weiß of yellow-king-productions, Voice Actor - Dominik Valentin Peter, Music - Erich Zann