World of VOLT: Tokyo & Volt

Welcome to Tokyo! Right now, the spectacle begins off the bat, for no visit to Cromeflower Garden would be complete without a fight! Switch on the energy walls! Like filigree glass sculptures they rise above the arena and illuminate it with their blue light. But this arena is not only a highlight for aesthetics, hardcore

World of VOLT: Ruhrgebiet & Reaper

Welcome to the iron heart of the Ruhrarea! One of the most energetic battles in robotic combat awaits us! Here in the old steelworks the air crackles in time with the lightning barriers and High Voltage fields. The the robots light up like stobe lights, while their circuits pop through with loud bangs. Up until

World of VOLT: Rome & Mercury

Welcome to Rome, home of the gladiators! I see all of you fans have arrived in droves to witness today’s live match and the experienced Aquadrom visitors in the front row came prepared with rain gear! Short circuits and floods are the program here, folks! The all-time record so far has been water spouts making

World of VOLT: Twin Cities & The Hound

Welcome to the Twin Cities, the birthplace of the Robot Fighting League! Here in the “Rust Bowl” once resourceful inventors stripped old cars, motorcycles and even radios to build themselves fighting robots. Their first unauthorized fights tore open the asphalt and even set some cars of the old scrap yard on fire. High time for