Piece my Word Together!

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This game is all about thinking up clever words that will be hard to decipher and cleverly combining letter pieces to guess secret words.

decipher letter piecesDecipher is a different kind of word game for 2–4 players. Players use 4 different letter pieces to create and solve word puzzles.

In each round a different player builds a secret word puzzle. The others only know which letter pieces are in the secret word and gather clues and points by asking about where letter pieces go. Can you decipher the secret word?

Decipher includes the same playful semi-transparent colored plastic letter pieces found in Wordsmith. A special plastic insert turns the game box into a game component.decipher setup

letter piece game logoThe Letter Piece Game system is a special way to build letters from four different basic shapes. The idea for the Letter Piece Game™ system comes from the game designers of Wordsmith, Bill Eberle, Greg Olotka, Peter Olotka, and Jack Kittredge whose credits include Cosmic Encounter, Dune, Hoax and more.

To get a first impression of the Letter Piece System used in Wordsmith and Decipher try our free LPG App here.




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