Best of Jury Spiel des Jahres 2020

Horrible Guild and HeidelBär Games were both recommended by the JURY SPIEL DES JAHRS 2020 (Spicy, SPIEL DES JAHRES) and nominated (The Kings Dilemma – German Version, KENNERSPIEL DES JAHRES)!

Don’t scrabble: WORDSMITH explanation video out now!

With creative word building game Wordsmith from HeidelBÄR Games you can build words in competition, literally: because instead of letters you have letter parts in exactly four different shapes. The LETTER PIECE ALPHABET will have you searching for the right parts of letters to build the best letters and of course the most valuable words.

Master of Anagrams: NEW Decipher!

Decipher is a Mastermind type word deduction game for 2-4 players, using the Letter Piece Game system of the Wordsmith authors. Think of a secret word that is hard to crack, or be the first to find the secret word of others! The secret word is made up of letter pieces and players ask for