Interview with Zoltán Győri

You want to know what it is like to be both a game designer and a game journalist? The designer of our newly awarded card game Spicy answers these and more questions in an interview.

Create your own Robot Competition

HeidelBÄR Games with its global partners Galakta (Poland), Asmodee in Spain and Asmodee in the USA are looking worldwide for creative minds who would like to see their vision of an iconic NEW Robot become a real 3D miniature for the board game VOLT. And that is easier than you might think!

INTERVIEW: Future Pastimes with Bill, Peter, Greg & 2 x Jack

Future Pastimes is a team of American board game designers best known for the board game classics Cosmic Encounter® and Dune (winner of 2020 ORIGINS AWARD for most thematic game). Peter Olotka, Bill Eberle and Jack Kittredge, were the principal designers of Cosmic Encounter. They formed a partnership called Future Pastimes to pursue designing games.

Best of Jury Spiel des Jahres 2020

Horrible Guild and HeidelBär Games were both recommended by the JURY SPIEL DES JAHRS 2020 (Spicy, SPIEL DES JAHRES) and nominated (The Kings Dilemma – German Version, KENNERSPIEL DES JAHRES)!