7. February 2018, News

Where the “Wild” Bears Are

HeidelBÄR Games has set up camp in the pedestrian zone of Miltenberg, Germany near the beautiful Main river, only a 45-minute drive away from Frankfurt.

31. January 2018, News

Nuremberg Toyfair!

Business deals and German sausages! At the Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2018, HeidelBÄR Games will make its first public appearance.

31. January 2018, News

TAGS Announce­ment

TAGS is an accessible and fast-paced guessing game for everyone, based on the 1995 award-winning game CATEGORY by Spartaco Albartarelli.

31. January 2018, News

Hello World!

We proudly present: HeidelBÄR Games! We want to be honest—our new game development studio HeidelBÄR Games is in fact no newcomer. You may have seen us before as Heidelberger Spieleverlag.