Welcome to Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition

Castle TriCon 2021 SPRING EDITION is a virtual board game convention in a the 3D world and can be visited on February 26 and 27 from 4 pm to midnight. During this time Castle TriCon offers a lot to experience, discover and of course play! Besides the possibility to play the games of HeidelBÄR Games,

Card game BLAZE starts to gleam!

The card game Blaze has been announced by HeidelBÄR Games as an spring novelty for 2021. Anyone interested will already have the opportunity to try out the new HeidelBÄR card game for themselves online from February 26-27 at www.castletricon.com, the virtual gaming event organized by HeidelBÄR Games and its partners.

Become the CHEESE THIEF!

In Cheese Thief everyone has their eyes closed at night and only wake up at certain times, depending on their own dice roll. The cheese thief steals the cheese while the dormice can sniff around.