Colored bases for VOLT – play online@Yucata

The second edition of Volt, the popular Robot Action Arena game, is now available at HeidelBÄR Games and in stores. The second German edition shines with a detail that makes it even easier to recognize the individual robots and their assignment to the respective player color: thanks to the color bases now included in Volt, you can always tell at a glance where your machine is currently active and pre-programmed! All owners of the first edition and of all international editions such as the English version or the Chinese version can get the (not game necessary) for 25mm diameter standing feet color bases directly from our or from your local dealer – in case of doubt ask and order them there. Also players of other language versions can get the color bases .

If you don’t have Volt yet, or don’t have anybody to play at home with or want to play even with us (in spite of missing events in the near future), you should definitely have a look at to see the BETA phase of Volt as an online version. Playing is completely free, a registration at the portal is necessary.

And if you are looking for other players, Colossus, Kongo and luckrider are the nicnames of the HeidelBÄRen on site, who are always happy to join you in the ring of Volt. So what are you waiting for? Whether physically at home or ordered home, or online with us or other friends, Volt is exciting fun, high voltage without crisis! Game on!

Play for free at Online-Gaming-Site:

Click here for more info about VOLT!