Backlist Spotlight: Erwischt vermischt!

Looks like everyone is one card short of a full deck!

Why is that woman next to you constantly laughing out loud? What causes your buddy to wink all the time? Find out all the tics and appear as normal as possible throughout…

Erwischt vermischt!
In this party game, every player gets a tic card, but which one they have is what needs to be discovered.

Number of Players: 4–60   Playing Time: 30 Minutes or More   Age: 10+   Designers: Michael Palm & Lukas Zach   EAN: 4015566000902   Published: 2013

Like Erwischt! this game is not a main activity, instead you can play it casually at a party, over dinner, or even while playing another game. Are you able to complete this silly challenge on your card without anyone suspecting something’s up?

Erwischt vermischt! is an independent game, no expansion to Erwischt!