Backlist Spotlight: Erwischt!

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In Germany one of our best known games is:

This card game is not your typical game. It is not your main activity, instead you can play it casually at a party, over dinner, or even while playing another game. Are you able to complete a silly challenge on your card without anyone suspecting you? Do you see another player acting strange? If so, shout “Gotcha!” to call him out! Erwischt! is a perfect icebreaker to lighten the mood.

Number of Players: 4-50   Playing Time: 30 Minutes or More  Age: 12+   Designer: Christian Lemay   EAN: 4015566000254   Published: 2009

Erwischt! 2
This game includes 60 new cards and more silly challenges for you to complete. As a standalone game or in combination with Erwischt!, this will satisfy any Erwischt! fan. By combining both games, you can even play with bigger groups. You know, just in case you wanted to play a game with 100 people!

Number of Players: 4-50   Playing Time: 30 Minutes or More   Age: 12+   Designer: Christian Lemay   EAN: 4015566000957   Erschienen: 2014

Erwischt! is all about the fun and not at all about winning. However here are two simple strategies, that might help you not get caught:
1. Play it cool! Take your time and wait for the right moment to casually complete your secret task.
2. Crazy, Crazier, Craziest: If you keep acting crazy, the other players will have to think twice before shouting “Gotcha!” for fear of being wrong. This will let you complete your real challenge without anyone batting an eye. This also guarantees everyone will laugh and have a great time.