The new reality and challenges for HeidelBÄR Games

Even though everyone can finally enjoy a little bit more freedom, the pandemic is still with us. And there are consequences for game publishers, which may not be obvious to everyone, just like for other industries. Making games requires certain resources and materials, and the final production is done by specialized manufacturers. These manufacturers are forced to raise prices significantly due to the pandemic, increased raw material prices and transportation costs, as well as more complex HR requirements. This totally makes sense. Performance and materials cost money, and we expect our manufacturers to deliver quality and ensure fair working conditions, which has its price.
Therefore, we may also increase the prices of some of our products in Europe until autumn. Those raised prices will not effect the US right away, but probably next year. This is not fun, but unfortunately necessary and we hope for your understanding as customers, partners, retailers and gamers.

The above reasons also affect the release dates of our products. Our partners, manufacturers and us are working hard to make our new releases or reprints available. As a European publisher, we aim to produce mainly in Europe whenever possible, in order to keep distances short, to be more reliable and also to leave a less significant footprint on planet earth. We urge our partners to do the same, if they are not already doing so. Why produce a card game in Asia that can be produced here, just to save a few cents that are currently spent again on more expensive transportation, and by this putting another container on the ocean? This only makes sense for products, which cannot be made in Europe.
However, European manufacturers are overloaded due to the high demand and the problematic raw material situation (similar as Asian manufacturers). Therefore, there are always unpredictable or even short-term delays in delivery, which can result in months.
We have already postponed some of our (to be announced) 2021 novelties to 2022, as we consider it unrealistic that they will be produced this year. Other novelties of this year may be delayed further if it can’t be avoided. Here we will simply try to inform as transparently as possible as soon as we know more details.

Have fun playing – Heiko Eller-Bilz (CEO HeidelBÄR Games)

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