Our new games while SPIEL 2023

Recently, and thus fitting for the SPIEL, our own novelty Time Divison has been released. The great connoisseur game for 2 players leads you into the battle of two time agencies. Once again, the latest prank of the HeidelBÄRen impresses with its fantastic graphics, which this time were created by the art collective Sonderflex Studio.

Simple basic rules allow a quick introduction to the game, while the game mechanics ensure a profound and extremely exciting gameplay. In the fast-paced 2-person game, you compete across three eras for control of the timelines. Only the time agency that first controls three time nodes will outlast time. The game offers the possibility to play single games or three games as a campaign. Time Division is available in German and English (Europe). The US-Release is planned for end of 2023/start of 2024.

Just in time for the fair also appear our novelties! For example, Kutná Hora. The new game from CGE is published by HeidelBÄRen in German and English. 2–4 people join guilds and build up the historical city of Kutná Hora in the Middle Ages. The aim is to build mines, erect buildings and, above all, to obtain the necessary permits in good time. Because without them, nothing works in the bureaucracy. And don’t forget to pay your taxes. Even if you build the town and the Cathedral of St. Barbara together, you will naturally try to profit the most from your actions. Kutná Hora stands out for its dynamic economic system, where prices change according to demand. Each round is completely different and every action of your fellow players has an influence on your actions.

The next big banger comes from CGE again. We bring you the second expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition in German and English. Use the two new expedition leaders The Mechanic or The Journalist and explore Arnak. Both ladders bring their own unique action options and game materials. For example, The Mechanic comes with a rotating gear wheel that can offer exciting advantages when used correctly. In addition, there is finally a long-awaited campaign, which you can play alone or with two players. The expansion is fully compatible with the expansion The Expedition Leader and offers even more fun in combination. Get to know the undiscovered sides of Arnak.



The Great Split from Horrible Guild will be released by HeidelBÄRen in German during the fair! Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silvo lead you into the exciting world of art collections. The game is for 2-7 art collectors ages 8 and up. In The Great Split, each round you divide your hand cards into two parts by a separation card, place them in an envelope and pass it clockwise. All players do this, so you also receive an envelope of cards. Now you have to decide which part of the card to keep and which to return. Together with the cards that come back with your envelope, you form your hand for the round. Card effects allow you to add jewels, gold, artwork, and books to your collection. Each type of wealth earns you prestige points in its own special way, which is something you should keep in mind when building your collection. Additionally, the more riches you have, the more orders you’ll get! But without seals they are worth nothing, so don’t forget to collect enough during the game! Whoever has the most prestige points after the final scoring wins the game.

You can get the mentioned games at our booth in Essen, hall 2, booth 2B102, in our online-shop and soon also in well sorted flagship stores!