Best of Jury Spiel des Jahres 2020

Horrible Guild and HeidelBär Games were both recommended by the JURY SPIEL DES JAHRS 2020 (Spicy, SPIEL DES JAHRES) and nominated (The Kings Dilemma – German Version, KENNERSPIEL DES JAHRES)!

“In the fast bluff game “Spicy” you can easily get your fingers burned! Players take turns discarding face-down wasabi, chili and pepper cards with increasing sharpness. The right spices are not always found in the hand, so invalid ingredients are also found in the card stew. If there is any suspicion, the players can ask for a taste test, but they have to name the culinary offence precisely: Did the last card thrown off have the wrong type of spice or was the degree of sharpness wrong? Exposing the cheating is rewarded, but also involves risks: If the denounced value was correct, the points go to the wrongly accused player. On the other hand, if the exposure is successful, the prosecutor is happy. A bluff court with a kick!”
Jury Spiel des Jahres – Empfehlungsliste 2020

“How can the famine of the farmers be solved? Should an example be set for the religious heretics? And can the crown finance the next expensive expedition? Questions like these are discussed by the players in the Ankist Kingdom Council. Their decisions have a direct impact on the stability of the empire, but everyone also feels committed to the interests of their own aristocracy. This creates a potential for conflict, and so the council meetings are characterised by persistent negotiations, cunning arguments and merry bribery. The decisions taken by vote have a long lasting effect and guide the narrative threads of the game. Thus, each game group experiences its very own version of the centuries-long history of Ankist through about 20 individual games. – Politics in fantasy realms? At least since the success of “Game of Thrones” we know how entertaining that can be. And indeed, playing the game quickly makes you feel like you’re live in a “small council” meeting. The game’s narrative strength is enormous: Despite only short text passages, it succeeds in creating an immersive and mysterious world. The reduced game system provides the perfect stage for a large political theatre.”
Jury Spiel des Jahres – Nominierungsliste 2020

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