Backlist Spotlight: Das perfekte Alibi

You are never at a loss for an answer? Try to talk your way out of this!

The funniest game of suspicion among our party game line is:

Das perfekte Alibi
In this game, two suspects undergo extensive interrogation concerning their shared alibi. Of course, the investigators’ sneaky questions are designed to trigger differing information during the individual interviews. Will the suspects manage to convince the judge?

Number of Players: 5-20   Playing Time: 15 Minutes   Age: 10+   Designer: Pascal Roussel, Christian Lemay   Illustrators: Pierô Le Mille-Pattes, Heiko Eller   EAN: 4015566000247   Published: 2009

Coming up with an alibi in just 5 minutes is more difficult than you might think. To be prepared, this trick always helps the suspects: claim to have been at a real location both of you know well. This way, you actually have a chance to answer impossible questions such as “What color was the floor?” or “How many windows were there in the room?”