Our games for GRAF LUDO

In the fall, the Leipzig public fair modell-hobby-spiel will award the GRAF LUDO for the 14th time for the categories “Most Beautiful Children’s Game Graphics” and “Most Beautiful Family Game Graphics”. The GRAF LUDO is an award that honors the graphic design of games – and is thus unique in the industry. The focus here is entirely on the creative, artistic and technical achievements of illustrators.
Last year, our game Hungry Monkey by Erik Andersson Sudén and graphic designer Sushrita Bhattacharjee made it onto the shortlist for the “Most Beautiful Family Game Graphics” category.

Of course, we HeidelBÄRen entered our games for the awards again this year. Here are the games we applied with:

Category „Most beautiful Family Game Graphics“

Tails on Fire is an interactive card game in which the ever-changing selection of the best three playing cards for a round leads to a permanent dilemma, creating a

unique gaming experience. This challenging game with easy-to-learn rules is the clever work of German author Thomas Sellner. Set in a tale of Mexico’s indigenous Huichol people, Tails on Fire is a fascinating composition of Mexican art, Huichol history, and super cute possums brought to life by Mexican artist Mayra Guadalupe Ornelas Ramos.

Here you can find more information about the game and here you can buy it in our online store.

Category „Most Beautiful Children’s Game Graphics“

Fish & Katz offers responsive gameplay at its best, including its own cat paw finger for full cat authenticity. In Fish & Katz, cute cats and tasty fish meet in an Asian fish market brought to life by renowned Korean artist Hami. Like familiar reaction games with a bell, Fish & Katz has incredibly high prompting and no waiting thanks to the cat’s paw finger. Fish & Katz is a reaction game that is also wonderful to play with children and different generations.

Here you can find more information about the game and here you can buy it in our online store.