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Product announcement for 2021

Here we show you a novelty overview of our games...
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Czech Games Edition was founded by a group of people who wanted to create board games as entertainment for gamers like themselves. Their story begins with Through the Ages, which led to the founding of the publishing house in 2007. Since then, CGE has published more than half a hundred games, now also digitally, and won GAME OF THE YEAR 2016 with CODENAMES.

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Starship Captains

Welcome Starship Captains! Get ready to boldly embark on a maiden voyage through the cosmos! The vibrant galaxy holds many peculiar mysteries to explore...
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Codenames Pictures XXL

Die skurrilen und verblüffenden Illustrationen von Codenames Pictures gibt es jetzt im XXL-Format. Das größere Format ist nicht nur optisch beeindruckend, sondern bietet auch...

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Codenames Duett XXL
CodenamesCzech Games EditionFamily and FriendsFast 'n' FunPartyWord games
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Codenames Duet
Czech Games EditionHistoryStrategy GameThrough the Ages
Through The Ages – Eine neue Geschichte der Zivilisation
Now is your chance: Your tribe is small, but your will is strong. Will you master the long road to a great civilization? Farm your fields, develop new...