CÓATL – THE CARD GAME will be released in mid November

Cóatl – The Cardgame is a new game variant of the board game Cóatl and will be published for the first time in German by HeidelBÄR Games in mid November. The game is by Pascale Brassard and Etienne Dubois-Roy and, like Cóatl, published by our partner publisher Synapses Games. The interactive card game will be available online as well as in stores for MSRP 14,95 €.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for Spiel22, but interested parties could already take a first look at the new card game at the international game fair in Essen. Cóatl – The Cardgame will then be available online and in stores in mid November. The interactive card game is a completely new variant of the well-known board game Cóatl. Just like in Cóatl, the goal is to build the beautiful, colorfully feathered snakes in order to impress the high priest of the Aztecs and fulfill the divine prophecy.

Over the course of four rounds, you take turns placing cards on your Cóatl before finishing it off with a head and tail in the fifth and final round. Whoever has created the most prestigious Cóatl after the fifth round wins the game.

Cóatl – The Cardgame is for 1-4 people ages 10 and up and one game takes about 25 minutes. The interactive card game by authors Pascale Brassard and Etienne Dubois-Roy includes 50 plumage cards, 20 each head and tail cards, 40 prophesy cards, 6 temple segments, 4 level cards, golden round markers (4 body segments, 1 head and 1 tail, plus 2 additional body segments) and a rule booklet. The game is multilingual and includes English and German rules.

Cóatl – The Card Game will be available online and in stores in mid November for MSRP 14,95 €.