Cóatl – The card game announced

Cóatl- The Card Game will be released at the end of September 2022. The game is a new variant of the board game Cóatl and comes in a small and handy box. Just like Cóatl, the object is to build the beautiful, colorful feathered snakes. You compete to impress the high priest of the Aztecs and fulfill divine prophecies. To do this, you alternate placing cards on your cóatl over four rounds. In the fifth and last round, you only place the head and tail on your Cóatl. 1 to 4 players can do this with 50 feather cards and 20 each head and tail cards. Cóatl – The Card Game is expected to cost MSRP €14.95 and is available for pre-order now.

Whoever creates the cóatl deemed most prestigious over the course of 5 rounds wins the game. Here you can read more: https://heidelbaer.de/eu/all-games-eu/coatl-the-card-game/

Cóatl – The Card Game • EVT end of September 2022 • Number of players: 1-4 • Duration: 25 minutes • Age: 10 years and up • 50 feather cards, 20 head and tail cards each, 40 prophecy cards, 6 temple cards, 4 level cards, golden round markers (4 body segments, 1 head, 1 tail), 2 additional golden body segments, 1 rulebook