Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Media

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  Age:  14 and older

  Playing time:  30-60 minutes

  min. player count:  1

  max. player count:  4

  Complexity raiting:  family and friends

  Topic:  Assassin’s Creed, adventure,

  Designer: Fabrice Lamidey, Thibaud de la Touanne

  Artists: Emile Denis, Namwoo Noh, Robert Andreas Drude, Martin Deschambault, Vincent Gaigneux, Tatiana Vetrova, Anne & Seb, Paul Vérité, Maxime Desmettre, Donglu Yu, Dimitri Chappius, Gilles Beloeil, Patrick Lambert, Olivier Martin, Pascal Quidault

  Language:  german

  Release date:  2022

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